Episode 4: Pulling us back in…

Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in. Jay is talking. The prosecutor is pointing fingers and we can’t get enough Adnan. So Jeff and I take a look at what’s been going on since the last episode of serial.

Plus, we start thinking about what we’re going to talk about once there’s really no Serial left to talk about. Like, is Paul really dead? Did the Beatles sell their soul to the devil?

All that and more…

Episode 2: Are we there yet?

In this episode, we explore episodes 10 and 11 of Serial, including our thoughts on whether the Serial crew has lost their mojo since the break. We discuss whether the podcast is exploring all the details it should, whether Sarah and company are afraid of libeling Jay and whether or not the show can live up to the hopes and dreams of millions in season 1’s final episode.

Oh, and here’s the link to the cell tower info I reference in the podcast.

Thanks for listening.


Ep 1: Serial Storytelling

The new podcast Serial has really got us all talking. It’s been the fastest podcast to 5 million downloads in history, according to iTunes. What is it that is so compelling. In our very first podcast, we’re going to talk about why and we’re going discuss how both the narrative of the case and the Serial podcast itself have engaged us. Is this a story about a murder? is is a story about asking questions, is it a story about a story about all those things? Let’s explore possible answers.

It’s a fascinating phenomenon and one we’ll follow as the rest of Serial unfolds in the coming weeks.

This is the beginning

Welcome to This is a Story. At its inception, this is a podcast about storytelling and stories told, from the perspectives of journalism and creative writing.

Right now, like so many others, we’re fascinated Serial, a podcast that’s exploring the murder of Baltimore-area teenager Hae Min Lee in 1999 and the subsequent arrest and conviction of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Sayed. We will explore not only the details Serial uncovers, but also how the exploration of that story affects the storytelling. It’s fascinating in so many ways and hopefully our discussion will add to the conversation

As this podcast grows and develops we hope to explore how stories impact our lives, the lives around us and the world at large. We’ll follow Serial as it unfolds, but we won’t stop there. Let’s look at this discussion about Serial as a beginning.

Thanks for joining us.